Born in 2015, IconInc has grown into an award-winning brand
that develops and operates in established university cities.
With a vision to enhance student life experience, IconInc not
only redefines student accommodation, it also generates
strong, sustainable revenues.

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Independence With A Sense Of Belonging

Independence With A Sense Of Belonging

Generation Z is already forging its way as a group that values experiences above ‘things’. IconInc delivers a world of opportunities to bring people together, ignite friendships and develop a new passion. It has the power to open students’ eyes and enrich their minds far beyond study. They can swap their thinking caps for a chef’s hat, join pamper days, enjoy yoga, or grab some popcorn and settle down to the latest movie. All ideal ways to get to know a whole new bunch of people.

Our staff are around 24/7, ready to help as a mentor, an agony aunt or a personal concierge. It’s a winning formula that helps students feel safe and parents feel reassured.

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Diversity is celebrated here. Community is nurtured.

Diversity is celebrated here. Community is nurtured.

Aimed at parents as well as students, IconInc’s unique proposition has a lot to offer.

• Security
• Exclusivity
• Community led
• All-inclusive, uncomplicated living
• Experience focused
• Abundance of network opportunities

0 %

45 %

of tenants are international students

IconInc is the only choice for those who demand more from their living space.

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10 +

on-site facilities

All residents have access to a range of on-site facilities including superfast broadband and wi-fi, a private cinema, gym, games zone, pantry, terrace and study rooms.