UOWN is a disruptive new crowd funding platform. It helps everyday people save by investing money together in properties which they own collectively. UOWN tears down barriers to opportunities not usually available to most people. Everyone invested earns a proportionate share of the rent and the capital appreciation, with UOWN being the hub that facilitates the property investment cycle end to end.

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“We have a problem in society, we no longer own ‘things’ that either hold or increase their value either by appreciating in price or yielding a financial reward. We want to help change that with the UOWN platform.”
Shaan Ahmed Co-Founder of UOWN

“I think most people are still really frustrated with the way banks behave, so I want to make things work for the 99% again. The web means we can take on big financial institutions; we can democratise things and beat the big players at their own game.”
Haaris Ahmed, Co-Founder of UOWN

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